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Visit to Shing Mun Redoubt

posted 31 Jul 2012, 05:57 by John Leighton   [ updated 17 Nov 2012, 03:11 ]
On Sunday 27th of May 2012 a group of 9 members and friends of the OMRS Hong Kong Branch visited the Shing Mun Redoubt in the scenic Shing Mun Country Park.

The redoubt was the lynch-pin of the Gin Drinker's Line - the 13 mile defensive line constructed by the British military across the New Territories during the late 1930's, to combat a threatened invasion by the Imperial Japanese Army from the north. This threat became a reality in December 1941.

Following a talk from tour leader Martin Heyes on the background to the events leading up to December 1941, our intrepid group descended the muddy and (in parts) flooded tunnels leading into the redoubt. Over the next couple of hours the visitors explored those tunnels, pillboxes and the Command Post of the position.  Much of what remains of the redoubt has not changed greatly from those dark days of December 1941.

Following a few post-visit refreshments, the group went their separate ways after an enjoyable excursion in the hills.