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Hitler's Panzers by Danny Holmes

posted 5 Mar 2013, 19:25 by John Leighton
On 22nd January Danny Holmes, whose speciality is German Military History – 1st and 2nd World Wars, gave a two hour presentation on the “History of the Panzers in the
Wehrmacht” from inception in the First 
World War to the end of the Second World War. His talk was illustrated by numerous photographs rarely seen. His research had concluded that one of the major weaknesses with the production of Panzers in the Second World war, was the tendency to continually upgrade tanks both in size and firepower to the extend they became almost unwieldy. Had the Germans concentrated on producing a main battle tank as the Russians did they may have fared better.  
The talk was much enjoyed and Danny was thanked for his kindness in taking the time to come and present.