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Frederick: the life of my missionary grandfather in Manchuria, by Mark O'Neill

posted 17 Nov 2012, 03:28 by John Leighton
On 17th October 2012 we were very fortunate to have a most interesting speaker in Mr. Mark O'Neill who spoke on his grandfather who saw service with the Chinese Labour Corps in France during the Great War and was awarded the Order of the Striped Tiger by the Chinese Government. Mark also speak of his grandfather’s experiences with the Russian Tsarist Army in Manchuria and the Imperial Japanese Army (including the 'Tiger of Dalian') before the outbreak of WW II and as a prisoner under house arrest prior to his repatriation. As the title suggests, he has written a book on his grandfather's life and exploits, in rural Manchuria and elsewhere, during periods of great upheaval.

It was a fascinating and most interesting presentation and several people bought the book.  Mark also brought along the Order of the Striped Tiger believed to have been owned by his grandfather, which in itself led to some interesting medal related discussions.

As usual, there was much conviviality and discussion both before and after the talk at the Police Officers Club over a few beverages.  We thank Mark for his time.