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posted 30 Jul 2018, 10:50 by John Leighton
From the Branch Hon. Secretary:

We will, for August’s event, be “returning to our roots,” in that it will be a Branch meeting which is very much medal - oriented!

On Saturday 18 August we will have two guest speakers who will give presentations at the Museum of Coastal Defence, Shau Kei Wan, on medals awarded to military men who fought during the battle for HK in 1941.

(a) Dr. KWONG Chi Man

Our first guest speaker is Dr. KWONG Chi Man, who is an assistant professor in the History Department of the HK Baptist University. His major research interest is the military history of HK and East Asia during modern times, and he is the author of “Eastern Fortress: A Military History of Hong Kong 1840 - 1970,” and “War and Geopolitics in Interwar Manchuria.”

Dr. KWONG will be giving a presentation on medals awarded to a member of the HK Volunteer Defence Corps who served in the military during both WW1 and WW2.

Lt. Col. Reginald Walker was an engineer who served with the Royal Engineers during WW1. He later became an engineer with the Kowloon Canton Railway; served with the HKVDC during WW2 and has the singular honour of having a post-war KCR diesel locomotive named after him!

His medals are kept at the Museum of Coastal Defence; hence the selection of that venue for August’s event.

(b) Mr. Steve Verralls 

Our second guest speaker is our very own Presidente, who needs no introduction! Steve will give a presentation on 3 groups of medals.

(i) Capt. Reginald Ronald Davies E.D. served with the 7th Dragoons during WW1 and joined the HKVDC upon arriving in the Colony during the 1920’s. During the battle for HK he was the O.C. of the Army Service Corps Section. Taken prisoner at the fall of HK, he was awarded a Mention in Despatches for his work during captivity and was the recipient of the Efficiency Decoration in 1947.

He was something of a “Walter Mitty” character for reasons which Steve will reveal!

(ii) Lt. Henry Buxton was a pre-WW2 merchant in HK. He joined the ranks of the HKVDC, reached the rank of Sergeant and was awarded the Efficiency Medal. He was commissioned in 1941 and was killed in action during the battle at Lei Yue Mun. He is buried in the Stanley Military Cemetery.
His wife Alberta was a nursing sister upon the Japanese invasion of HK, (part of the HKVDC), who was murdered by Japanese troops during the Christmas Day massacre at St. Stephen’s College. She is also buried in Stanley Military Cemetery.

(iii) Mr. A. Austin 

Mr. Austin was a post-WW2 member of the RHKAP who received the Efficiency Medal with 2 clasps, plus the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal.

Please make a note of October’s event, which will be a talk by Lt. Col. Nigel Collett (Retd). Nigel will talk on life as a British Gurkha officer, with particular emphasis on his experiences as the Commanding Officer of a British Army Gurkha Rifle battalion.

Further details regarding this presentation will follow soon; please watch this space!

• Arrangements for August’s Event

Date : Saturday 18 August 2018

Time : 15:00 hrs start; please be at the venue by 14:50 hrs.

Place : Curator’s Office of the Museum of Coastal Defence (Shau Kei Wan) for the talk.
RV at the rotunda area near to the gift shop close to the museum entrance.

The museum is currently undergoing renovation, so we are severely restricted in the numbers we are permitted to attend this event.

Please contact the Branch Hon. Secretary if interested - if we are over-subscribed we will open a waiting list.